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You can Swish to 1236 40 56 66 or scan the code on the right or send your payment with Postgiro 300201-1.

Your money will go directly to Arkitekter Utan Gränser’s bank account (see

Please, reference your payment with the project’s name: Build a School.

During our journey in Zambia, we asked the children we met what they need at school. Below is what they answered and what you can help with.

Or, you can send whatever you can via the GoFundMe campaign here:

Support the project

Donate just what you can!

Kids need a playground

Donate just what you can!

Kids need safe transport to go to school

Donate just what you can!

Support safe and clean water

200 SEK

Provide kids with proper toilets

200 SEK

Buy a desk and a chair for the school

300 SEK

Buy a whiteboard

400 SEK

Uniforms are mandatory in Zambian schools and shoes are needed indeed

1 uniform: 80 SEK

1 pair of shoes: 120 SEK

Buy a book for the library

100 SEK

Buy colors, pencils, and pens

50 SEK

Support the farm, it will provide the school’s kids and staff with fresh food and train the kids in farming

Donate just what you can!

The kids dream of a football field

Donate just what you can!


Thank you for supporting the Build a School project!