The pupils of the school run by Children in Crisis in Lusaka welcomed the project’s team together with Children in Crisis board and some teachers.
A day at school
Playing football outside the school in Lusaka
Elena and Johannes run the workshop with children aged between 5 and 8
Annika, with Lizzy’s help, runs the workshop with the children between 8 and 12 years old
Lorena, helped by Sarah and Mandala, runs the workshop with the children older than 12
Anna runs the workshop with the teachers
The children drew the answer to the questions “What are the most important things in school?” and “What do you need in school?” on post-its
The team sits with the local communities from the villages that will benefit from the boarding school
Visiting the project’s site with representatives from the local communities that donated the 4 hectars land
The landscape around the project’s site
Surveying the project’s site
Locally produced bricks drying. Bricks can be produced only during the dry season
Other locally produced bricks that will be used to build the school
Also the school furniture will be purchased from local producers
Wood will be used for outdoor furniture and patio
Locally sold steel will be used for the roof structure as it will require less maintenance than wood