Currently, in Chirundu there is only one governmental high school that cannot full fill the needs of the entire province. In an area where public transports are not existing, reliable and/or not affordable, children must walk daily up to 10 Km to reach the school.

Roads are difficult to transit, especially during the rainy season. Wildlife encounters and criminality make the way to school dangerous. For these reasons, many children do not go to school and for the same reasons the boarding school will instead be an appropriate alternative. The boarding school will be run according to governmental guidelines and will provide a safe and welcoming place for pupils aged from 8 to 21.

The boarding school will:

• Provide access to free education

• Ensure a safe place to stay

• Empower girls

• Avoid early marriages and pregnancies

• Protect kids from dangerous encounters on their way to school

• Assure children a daily meal

• Avoid child labour.

Five hundred children will be selected according to the ministry of education’s instructions. The school will follow the Ministry of Educational Act, Chapter 134, of the laws of Zambia: “No pupil shall be refused admission to any school or school hostel on the grounds of his race or religion”. The fulfillment of the inclusion stated by the law is unquestionable and has been confirmed by the province’s Minister of Education. Furthermore, the Ministry of Education committed in providing teachers for the boarding school. Two hundred vulnerable children will access education for free. Three hundred children, from family with economic possibilities, will paying school fees.